MalwareMustDie Juts took a crack at IoT Malware Linux/AirDropBot – Here is What He Found Out

It’s been two years, but MalwareMustDie is back with the full analysis of the net IoT malware: Linux/AirDropBot.

AirDrop Bot Linux

The long wait did a number on most of us, but it seems to be worth it. We have Unixfreaxjp back with a brand new reverse-engineering tool published on the blog of MalwareMustDie, the MMD-0064-2019 – Linux/AirDropBot is a total work of art in every regard. Technically speaking, we will find some new and improved practices that can help us reverse every single Linux malware binary in all types of environments. The WhiteHat Reversers include a lot of pointers and guidance to help us deal with ELF Linux malware. We get to

InstaRipper Finally Brings the New Linux Edition for Open Code Enthusiasts

Instagram Hack App InstaRipper is an app that has lived up to its reputation to this day. The team behind has delivered with their code to help people get behind the walls of blockades placed by some profile owners. The app also enables you to deal with the overtly complicated security measures put in place by the team of Instagram to help you get back your account if you lose it. Now they are about to make the jump to

Developers of Intezer Just Found Out a Backdoor in Linux “Evil Gnome” That Could be Used for Espionage

The Gnome extension on Linux is carrying a malware in disguise. The ones who made the find were the people working at Intezer. They have even linked the malicious code as spyware created by Russian coders named Gamaredon. Most of the modules used by the malicious code in Evil-Gnomeis tied to Windows utilities such as the use of SFX, task scheduler and data trackers. Since the code seems to target mostly desktops, the extension of the attack has not been wide because Linux is not widely used on PCs. The developers of Intezer have stated that the spyware is an entirely new form of code that has never been used before.

Evil Gnome Linux Malware

The attack group is not one to rear its head frequently. We have reports of their existence dating back to 2013. Most of the information available about them was released by

A New Linux CryptoCurrency Miner named “Skidmap” has Been Recently Discovered

Skidmap Linux Malware MinerCrypto miners are not something new. They have been around almost since the beginning of cryptocurrencies back in 2009. Skidmap, however, is a brand new piece of code that was detected by the team of researchers of Trend Micro. The malicious code has been created to target Linux machines specifically while using kernel rootkits to work undetected. The way it’s been coded is to outperform most of the popular miners out there since it can really evade detection. The miner even manages to set up a master password for the attacker to be used to access any system remotely.

For the guys at Trend Micro the use of kernel rootkits shows a